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How To Remove ads On Android

How To Remove Ads On Android

How To Remove Ads On Android

Using Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus has many different versions, for both Windows and Android. As for Android, Adblock Plus is the "fear" of many free apps on Google Play, because it has the ability to purify any ads that appear on the phone screen when users use free apps free. Of course, this means that the distribution of Android apps revenue is reduced by the irritating advertisements. Therefore, Google has removed Adblock Plus blocks Google Play your application. However, you can still install the following way:

First, download the software packages installed Adblock Plus for equipment at this site or this . You can even use Android smartphones to download memory card or phone memory. If using a computer to download then connect the device to a computer to copy via smartphone.

The Android operating system features installed to prevent unknown applications and by default this feature is enabled. So, before you install Adblock Plus from downloaded files, users must go to Settings on the smartphone, select the Unknown sources option in the Security Applications or Android version, click OK to confirm.

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Now, from smartphones, users simply access the folder containing the files *. APK was downloaded, then activate the file to install.

After you install and activate, use Adblock Plus will choose a way to update new data filters that best suit the user's device (similar to the Update feature of many others, but here is not updated version, which is updated data filter). Also from here, Adblock Plus will always implicit in the system to perform tasks at all times.


Users can change this date, by clicking the Filter subscription. There are two options Manually (Manual Update, which is only refreshed when the user manually click the Refresh icon) and On start (automatically updated whenever running Adblock Plus), you can check suit you best.


Note to Android smartphones has been root, Adblock Plus will develop the ability to filter out ads that it can. There is not a root device, Adblock Plus can only filter traffic from advertising with Wi-Fi. Accordingly, if the device uses the Android operating system version 4.1.2, 4.2.1 or Android 3.0 and earlier, users need to configure the proxy to connect Wi-Fi, the new Adblock Plus work. Use Proxy is localhost, port is 26 571.


But not root Android smartphone, using Android 3.1 or higher (but less than 4.1.2) do not need to configure the proxy, but only help Adblock Plus filter traffic from advertising through Wi-Fi connection.

Use AdAway

Similarly Adblock Plus, AdAway software appeared on Google Play some time but have since been removed affect Google's revenue and application developers. However, users can install and use applications marketF-Droid replace Google Play to find and install AdAway for Android 2.0 or higher smartphones, equipment requirements must be root before.


By default, AdAway the support available from a number of ad-blocking services, but if the service is not advertised as blocking, as well as its corresponding domain AdAway not understand, you go to Menu, select List, click on colored card Black, click Add. Then enter the domain name of the service to block ads, click Add. Conversely, if you want to put a domain name on the list for the display all content, you perform at White card. After each update operation, you must restart the device.

Blocking ads on Opera Mobile browser

This can be done on all Android devices are root or not root, but only help curb advertising on websites when browsing with Opera Mobile not block ads on application.

First, you use the computer to create a file named urlfilter.ini the content is stored in the address  it or download files have been made ??available at here (download and unzip the file will get urlfilter . ini). Then copied to the phone memory card.


Next, open the Opera Mobile browser on your phone and type "opera: config" (without the quotes) into the address bar. On the web page that appears, enter "URL Filter" into the search box, then click Choose to specify the path to the file on the memory card urlfilter.ini had. Done, reboot the device.


Note that the contents of the file that contains the address of the advertising services that users want blocked. If you want to add a new address, you add at the end of the file in the same syntax.


I really the ads that pops up unexpectedly when you open an app or play a game.



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