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Menulis Tulisan Arab tanpa Arabic Keyboard

Diantara kita mungkin kita sering kopi paste tulisan arab untuk disajikan atau dipresentasikan, paling sering misalnya bismillah, alhamdulil...

Maradona Expression, What a?

I think it express how tight the offside just made by the reffree..

Blood Test Show your Age will be

Would you like to know when you’ll die? It’s a scary question for many, but one which could be answered using a new blood test. Spanish sc...

About Man Landing on Moon, a Debate full Moment

Moon Landing Possibly the most talked-about, debated and controversial picture in history, the picture of the moon landing has been seen a...

Simple Landing Page in Facebook

Creating a Facebook landing/welcome page is no more difficult. Since then FBML was called off by Facebook, iFrame came to the rescue to cre...

Menyoal Masalah Hilal, Ru'yah, Hisab, Ulama, dan Penguasa

Selepas shubuh tadi masih saja ada ikhwan yang memperdebatkan masalah penetapan 1 syawal 1432 H oleh pemerintah. Mereka tidak setuju dengan ...


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