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Newbie Guide Howto Use PPA Purge

Have you ever upgraded an application via PPA that makes trouble? For example, upgrading Firefox that causes add-ons incompatibility and you...

10 Video Editors Implemented Just for My Ubuntu Linux

  In today’s entertainment centric world, everybody is involved in taking pictures, making videos and lots of other graphics related stuff i...

Blocking a Website or domain name on Ubuntu Linux

  There are lot of softwares available in the market – just to make some websites inaccessible from a computer, possibly for productivity re...

Referensi command Line FFmpeg ubuntu linux

  Berikut ini adalah contoh penggunaan dari FFmpeg yang dapat dijadikan refferensi untuk di implementasikan, believe me.. asyik : Getting In...

FFMPEG Ubuntu Linux

ffmpeg   Instalasi sudo apt-get install ffmpeg Fitur dari ffmpeg menggunakan command line ffmpeg (terminal) sebagai tool untuk mengkonversi...


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