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seven tips for new blogger

Blog is a place where you express your opinions on various subjects. You don’t need to be a professional writer for blogging. But there are few things to note while writing articles for blogs. Here are 7 simple blogging steps for beginners.

  • Blog About subjects you are good at or topics which you are interested in. Do not blog about a subject just because of the fact that all popular blogger are writing about that topic.
  • Discuss your article and give a brief idea on the topic to the readers. Do not convey vague ideas and confuse the readers. Also, make your points clear. Include images wherever necessary to add visual effects (Make sure that the images do not violate copyright rules).
  • Make your article easy to read and do not abbreviate words. Check for any spelling mistakes in the post before you publish it to the web. Abbreviations and spelling mistakes break the flow of the paragraph.

  • Make it easy to comment on your blog. Readers like to express their opinion on the topic. Commenting form should be made simple without going through the process of registering or having a Captcha to prevent spam. Also, encourage your readers to comment to have a discussion going on about the topic.
  • Do not copy articles from other blogs or websites. If you need to get content from another blog, give proper credits and links.
  • Make your site load faster. Optimize your site CSS and scripts to make it run faster. Daniel has written a good article on how to make your site load faster by optimizing.
  • Make your feeds available to readers. Install a RSS feed button as well as Email subscription form and increase your readership base.
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