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9 (nine) Useful Twitter Retweet Button Scripts for Blog

“Eat Twittter, Sleep Twitter! and Now Blog and share now on Twitter”. Find my words lame? Eh! Do you know the fact that Chethstudios has 40% of its traffic coming from Twitter alone! So here is a little thing you can do by using one of those impressive Twitter Retweet Counters so that your readers can share your blog posts with ease. So here is a list of the best Twitter sharing widgets, retweet counters for your Blogs/Websites.
9 Useful Twitter Retweet button Scripts for Blogs
For Scripts / plugin details here, you may need to follow the respective links provided.
Tweetmeme Retweet counter
Can be arguably called the King Of Retweet counters. Yup chethStudios is currently running the very flexible Tweetmeme retweet counter widget. So its obviously one of the best of the pack.
9 Useful Twitter Retweet button Scripts for Blogs
For Wordpress Plugin and how to add/tweak Tweetmeme Counter Visit this tutorial


A new member on the block, competing with tweetmeme and others. You can Read More About TwittLink Share counter for Blogs

9 Useful Twitter Retweet button Scripts for Blogs

For Wordpress Plugin and how to add/tweak TwittLink Counter Visit this tutorial

9 Useful Twitter Retweet button Scripts for Blogs
Twittley is my current new favourite out of all these. Infact I didnt know this one existed before. A more powerful and sophisticated twitter sharing button which stands out from its other competitors.

The Basic Twittley button code above pulls the URL, Title, Keywords, and Description automatically depending on the page it’s found on. If for some reason you would like to customize those parameters, use the code below. Be sure you customize the parameters.

WordPress Download the plugin to your computer. Click here to visit the Wordpress.org Twittley plugin page now.
The so called “Official Retweet button” for sharing articles on Twitter. This one is a serious competitor to the very popular Tweetmeme Script. And to some extent it stands up to the hype generated with its release.
9 Useful Twitter Retweet button Scripts for Blogs
The scripts used:
username = ‘cheth’;

There is a compact version as well.

BackType Retweet counter

BackType has a impressive Retweet counter. If you wish to play with the colors of the widget so that it suits your blog design then BackType Retweet counter just allows you to do that. After Tweetmeme, this one is the most impressive one which provides a range of options to tweak the widget.
9 Useful Twitter Retweet button Scripts for Blogs

tweetcount_src = ‘RT @cheth:’;
tweetcount_via = false;
tweetcount_links = true;
tweetcount_size = ’small’;
tweetcount_background = ‘EDB9FC’;
tweetcount_border = ‘DC85F5′;
tweetcount_api_key = ‘5c3bba3f5d77a46a13453091e36dc1cde4335e9299a1edeeaa3c31d193b33fda’;
For Wordpress Plugin and how to add/tweak BackTweype Counter anc change colors etc, Visit this tutorial
Some Other Impressive Twitter Share Counters/ Widgets.
Create Your Own Retweet button ~ by Louisgray
The Best part of this Retweet button is that its simple, perfect and a better alternative to the third party scripts which you can host on your own site, and is powered by bit.ly, the officially “Twitter blessed” URL shortener, which tracks total clicks on your share, not how many individual people have sent it.
Simple Twitter Share Buttons
This is one of the most commonly used Twitter share buttons, infact one of the first twitter share buttons. In the tutorial you can find other buttons along with Twitter. So if you intend to use only the Twitter button ignore the other codes.
9 Useful Twitter Retweet button Scripts for Blogs
You can Find a Bigger version of this twitter share button , or opt for a shorter version.
Wait! You shouldn’t trust me so easily! Why dont you test the buttons by sharing this post on Twitter ;) If You know of any other Twitter retweet button counters/scripts let me know via comments.

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