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Traffic Exchange Downlines

This should be seen as a warning... because I see so many people going about this the wrong way. You should not focus too much time, money and energy on building traffic exchange downlines, you will rarely get enough out of it to justify it.

Don't get me wrong, having big traffic exchange downlines is nice, but it should never be your aim. You are much better off focusing all your traffic on your own offer. Get people to sign up for your list and then you can introduce them to your recommended traffic exchanges or downline builders (on the thank you page or in your email series).

In other word build your own business first and then build downlines on the backend as part of your own marketing funnel.

Note that you can rebrand the Dragon Surf ebook from the affiliate toolbox in the members area. It's a perfect gift for your thank you pages and/or email series + it will build you downlines in a number of good programs (including Dragon Surf).

Traffic Exchange Downlines 

What's In It For You?

Almost all traffic exchange will award you a % of the credits your referrals earn. This can amount to a nice trickle of traffic over time, but as I mentioned above it's very rarely enough to justify an "all in" promotion.

Some traffic exchange, like Dragon Surf, will also offer you some nice cash commissions when your referrals buy something. It makes a bit more sense to promote these exchanges, but you are still much better off building your own list/business and then recommending them on your backend.

Quite a few traffic exchange will let you email your downline (or send a private message). This can be a very powerful tool. Use it to network and build relationships and to get people on to your own mailing list (if you did it the right way they should already be there).

This Is How I Build Downlines... 

I only advertise Dragon Surf and my own lead capture pages on the traffic exchanges. I get people into my program and onto my list. Then I will have "recommended places to advertise" in my members area, on thank you pages, in my AR email series etc. The Squidoo Lens you are looking at right now is a prime example of this approach.

Focusing on building my own list also lets me send out an email and build an instant downline whenever a great new traffic exchange or advertising resource is launching.

I tend to use downline builders a lot becuase it's a more cost effective way for me to do it (I can recommend multiple programs with one link). But, like with individual traffic exchanges, downline builders should be something you recommend after you have gotten people into your own marketing funnel.

Here are some of the downline builder I use and what I like about them...

Affiliate Funnel 

Affiliate Funnel is a great downline builder with a lot of unique features (they are constantly adding new).

The also have some great training material, including weekly training seminars (I'm usually attending those).

However, the best part about Affiliate Funnel is that you get to advertise squeeze pages that build your own list. You then automatically recommend Affiliate Funnel and the programs inside on the back end.

This is downline building the way it was meant to be!

Residual Traffic System 

This is Steve Ayling's newest program and it has been working great for me. It's a downline builder with a lot of quality exchanges and traffic exchange related programs.

However, the best thing about it is that every referral you get will be automatically added to your own AR list. So you can build your list and downlines at the same time.

Check out the Residual Traffic System today!

Traffic Hoopla 

The Hoopla guys have been around forever. While I don't always agree with the way they rank traffic exchange, Traffic Hoopla continues to be a very effective downline builder for traffic exchange and safelist.

Note that their top list are based purely on statistics not on conversion tracking, in other words it should be seen as a base for your own tracking... not the be all end all list of top exchanges.

Check out Traffic Hoopla here!

Downline Builders In Traffic Exchanges 

Many traffic exchanges (and other advertising programs) have "in house" downline builders.

While it's not essential, I do recommend that you take the time to enter your program IDs, especially if you are referring a lot of people.

Think of it as setting a lot of small landmines, the more places you have your affiliate link the greater the chance that someone will "trip" over it.

Generalen Downline Builder 

The latest program from my busy Norwegian friend Kenneth Kraakstad. It sports downline building in some great exchanges, list builders and affiliate programs.

It works great as a downline builder, but it also features some advertising resources that I haven't really tested yet. As I said Kenneth is a busy man and I'm sure he will be adding a lot of cool features to this program.

Check out The General here!


And last but not least we have PageSwirl from Dan Moses. It's great downline builder but more importantly it also features some great tools for traffic exchange surfers including a free rotator service.

Take a look at PageSwirl here.


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