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Create Brain Games;an Introduction

The best way to create Brain Games is to begin with a list of subjects or words. For example, you can take the word tomato and create a mind puzzle.

How to create Brain Games:

Why did the man feel bloated after eating ten tomatoes? This is the start of an overwhelming puzzle, since some may think that he ate too much, but the truth is tomatoes make up 95% water. In one aspect the man did eat too much, yet in other aspects you can image drinking two glasses of water to see that it will make you feel bloated.

Riddles can be created as Brain Games also. Take the word cough for instance. If you were to say back-to-back, sole, mole, role, bole, etc you would have said "ole" repeatedly.

Now you may think that sitting around all day creating Brain Games from subjects or words is getting you nowhere, but the fact is when you stimulate the mind, it opens the mind up to becoming active and creative. You will find yourself solving problems easier as you practice Brain Games each day.


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