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Bact to Ubuntu Classic Desktop

If you Have installed a Launcher e.g. Unity Launcher on Your Device, you can easily back to ubuntu classic Desktop instead of new launcher that previously installed. This is one of best answer i founded in askubuntu.com.

  1. Log in with the classic GNOME session by selecting your username and then selecting Ubuntu Classic Desktop:

    Screenshot 2

  2. Right click the Main Menu applet (that is the one you want to have replaced) and select Remove From Panel.

    Remove Main Menu applet from panel

  3. Right click the Indicator Applet Application Menu applet and select Lock To Panel to unlock it.

    Unlock Application Menu applet

  4. OPTIONAL: Remove it the same way you removed the Main Menu applet

    Remove Application Menu applet from panel

  5. Right click on the panel and select Add to Panel...

    Add to Panel...

  6. Select the Menu Barapplet and hit Add

    Add Menu Bar applet

  7. Right click it and move it to the left
  8. Right click it again and select Lock To Panel
  9. WIN

Note on point three. It is optional. If you don't remove it you'll still have the Indicator Applet Application Menu applet displaying all the menus.

  • If you want to permanently revert all the menus to the classic style you can also remove the indicator-appmenu package.

To permanently make the Classic Session be the default, run the Login Settings tool and select the classic desktop:

enter image description here


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