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Actipro SyntaxEditor v4.0.0289

Actipro SyntaxEditor v4.0.0289

Actipro SyntaxEditor v4.0.0289 | 11 Mb

SyntaxEditor is a powerful text editing control that is packed with features for efficient code editing, including syntax highlighting, code outlining, parsing, line numbers, block selection, IntelliPrompt UI, zooming, adornments, and much more. It has many of the same code editing features found in the Visual Studio code editor.

SyntaxEditor is built on top of our next-generation extensible text/parsing framework. While over 20 sample languages are available to get you started (such as C#, VB, XML, and more), custom language definitions can be developed and distributed with your applications as well. SyntaxEditor is designed for use in online IDE (integrated development environment) applications, however there are many other applications out there than can take advantage of such a control.

Actipro offers a unique custom parser-building framework with SyntaxEditor that features grammars written in C#/VB using EBNF-like notation, customizable AST construction, advanced error handling/reporting, easy code injection, a complete debugger UI, and much more. Whether you want to use the Actipro LL(*) Parser Framework to build your syntax language parsers or not, we've got you covered. It's simple to integrate any external parser with SyntaxEditor.

Features at a Glance

* Author custom language definitions with our Language Designer app, over 20 free definitions included
* Tokenization of text via lexers
* Multi-threaded parsing capabilities
* A robust grammar-based parser framework with AST generation and error reporting
* IntelliPrompt completion lists and quick info
* Block (rectangular) selection
* Over 100 built-in edit actions like selection, indenting, transposition, etc.
* Customizable highlighting styles
* Easily create custom margins and text area adornments, both in editor
* Code outlining (folding) and hidden text regions
* Mouse wheel zooming
* Complete separation of document and UI object models
* Document text stored in immutable versioned thread-safe snapshots
* Flexible text search model
* Mark text ranges with custom data
* Powerful text scanning features
* Abstracted, extensible object model
* Unicode editing support
* Printing capabilities
* Much more



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