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9 Adsense Alternatif to Get Money From Your Blog

Google Adsense is the most popular advertising program and most loved way of blog monetization. Almost all bloggers and website owners use Google adsense to monetize Website Traffic. But Google adsense is harder to get and very strict to its terms and conditions. If Google find anything wrong in your website that is not following the terms and condition of Adsense, it will suspend your account and ban you for life time.

Top Google Adsense advertising network

 Google never give second chance to users. There are many new people who got Adsense and then use some fraud tricks to increase revenue. After few days, they got account ban and then regret. But nothing can be done. in these kind of situation, they need some other monetization programs that performs well and pay in time.

In this post, I am listing few Google Adsense alternate advertising programs which you can use to monetize your blogs. Although these programs are not as good and Google Adsense, still you can earn decent income.


Chitika is a nice advertising program. It always pays in time and minimum payout is $10. You will easily get approval with new blog too.I personally like chitika and use it along with Google Adsense. As now, it is a CPM ad network and pays for impression. Your earning will depend on the traffic and country. If your visitors are from United States, you are going to earn better.

You should also try Chitika once.


Kontera is intext advertising program that convert few words on your blog as text link. These links are double underlined and show ads on mouse hover. It also pays for impression. The more impression your blog will receive, the more earning you will see. It also runs well with Google Adsense. I have also been using Kontera for more than a year with Google Adsene without any problem.


Media.net is another nice advertising program that pays you for impression. This advertising program is run by Yahoo, bing network and media.net. The only problem with this  is that you need to get approval for all your website individually. Sometimes, it takes enough time. It gives good RPM and earning is also good.


Bidvertiser is also a satisfactory ad network that pays you for click. I used in early days of my blogging when traffic was very low. A that time, it paid me good for clicks. As a new blogger when you are not getting approval from other adnetworks, you can try Bidvertiser. Minimum payout of Bidvertiser is $10 which is easy to reach.


Infolinks is also an intext advertising adnetwork just like Kontera. It also converts few words of phrases in content to clickable link ads. Infolinks pays for clicks on ads. Few publisher reported problem that they ban account without any reason, but many publishers are happy.


Clicksor is also a nice advertising adnetwork. Personally I hate this because it adds too many floating ads and pop-under ads. But there are many bloggers who use this and get paid.

Technorati Media

Technorati Media is another nice CPM adnetwork that pays well. If you have good traffic on your blog, you can try Technorati Media. It pays well for all kind of traffic. I have seen many big websites that use this adnetwork to monetize traffic.

Tribul Fusion

Tribul Fusion is a nice advertising program but for those who have high volume of traffic. It only accepts websites that have more than 2lakh monthly traffic. Although, it pays well but small publishers will never be able to use this.


It is a less popular adnetwork but works good. It is a CPM adnetwork and pay good if you have traffic from USA and Canada. I used this adnetwork for more than 1 year and it never disappointed me. It also approves small publishers so anyone can use it.

These are few nice advertising networks that you can use to monetize traffic of your blog. If you know any other adnetwork that must be in the list, you can share it with us via comments.


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