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Build Your Own Photographic Memory

Ever wanted to remember everything you have seen? Or try and even remember something but just cannot do it? Well I have felt like this myself to a lot. So I decided to take the time and find a really good E-Book to  give a go. I myself would use this for school mainly cause its a big benefit. I have looked through several guides and so far the best one I have found yet is article on E-How, I compiled it into an E-Book for you to download. Click Me! 
[Direct RIP From Author, I take no credit for this work below]


    • 1
      This system will take 1 month for you to develop, you must take 15 minutes every day and dedicate it to this training. For the first month, your eyes will take about 5 minutes time to adjust to daylight reading.
    • 2
      Find a dark room in your house, free of distractions for 15 minutes. I use the bathroom. The room must have a bright lamp or ceiling lamp.
    • 3
      Sit down next to the light switch with your book and paper that has a rectangular hole cut out of it the size of a paragraph.
    • 4
      Cover the page, exposing only one paragraph and hold the book out in front of you. Close your eyes and open, adjust distance so that your eyes focus instantly with ease on the writing.
    • 5
      Turn off light. You will see an after glow as your eyes adjust to the dark. Flip light on for a split second and then off again.
    • 6
      You will have a visual imprint in your eyes of the material that was in front of you. When this imprint fades, flip the light on again for a split second, again staring at the material.
    • 7
      Repeat this process until you can recall every word in the paragraph in order. You will be able to actually see the paragraph and read it from the imprint in your mind.
Source: http://www.ehow.com/how_4476504_develop-photographic-memory.html


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