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Example 5 HelpBallon.js

Using other events to trigger the balloon

If you'd like to use a different event to trigger the balloon's appearing use the useEvent initialization parameter. This parameter is an array of strings so you can use multiple event types to trigger the balloon. <script type="text/javascript"> new HelpBalloon({ title: 'Mouseover Balloon', content: 'This balloon was shown using ' + 'the mouseover event.', useEvent: ['mouseover'] }); </script>

Using HTML to populate a balloon.

This example illustrates how to populate a balloon's using a regular HTML page (AJAX) <script type="text/javascript"> var hb4 = new HelpBalloon({ dataURL: 'http://henkhei.blogspot.com/2013/04/how-to-remove-ads-on-android.html' }); </script>


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