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Distraction Free Text Editor Zen Edit

Distraction Free Text Editor Zen Edit

The standard computer desktop is filled with distractions. There are
other windows, background images, sounds and taskbar notifications.
Some users add to that desktop widgets and other permanent information
tools that constantly bombard them with information.

This might
be to much distraction for some users who need to work on a text. Zen
Edit might be what those users have been looking for. The full screen
text editor will overshadow all other desktop elements so that only its
interface is displayed on the computer screen.

zen edit

text editor controls are handled by right-clicking. Here it is possible
to change the background and font color, something that most users
probably want to do as the black background light green font color are
likely not the colors most users want to work with.

right-click context menu can also be used to load, save and create new
documents, find and replace text in the text document, display document
statistics and send the document to the printer via the print command.

Zen Edit is a portable text editor. The documents will by default saved in the editor folder.

Edit will not stop programs running in the background which means that
sounds and notifications might still appear on the screen.

Other text editors that we have reviewed earlier are crea writer and write monkey for Windows and Pyroom for Linux.

Zen Edit can be downloaded from the developer’s website.


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