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SEnuke Web2.0 Account Setting

You are now ready to create your accounts. Go into the Web 2.0 Account Creation module and on theright side you will see the credentials. Click the buttons to randomly create a Name, Username, andPassword. Then select the button to create an account – You can choose between Yahoo, Hotmail, andAOL.At this point the SEnuke Submitter screen will come up and you will need to manually enter the captchaand you will want to click the “Continue” button in SEnuke. SEnuke will then finish the rest. You’re nowready to create your accounts!At the top of the Account Creation module you can select all the websites for each category. Go aheadand click each category and click start. On the SEnuke Submitter screen click new browser and it willopen a 3rd browser window. The more windows you open the faster the submissions will get done. Youcan run as many windows as you want but I’d stick to no more than 10 for any module except the SocialNetwork Module in which you should only run 4 windows.
Once all of the accounts are create go back to the Web 2.0 Account Creation module and click the Step 2button at the top. All of your randomly generated account information should be filled in and simplyclick “Verify Emails”. Once SEnuke finished you should log into this email account and make sure thereare no activation emails in the Spam/Junk folder.
Now we want to make sure we save our newly created accounts. Otherwise when we create the nextaccount it will simply overwrite the previous one. Go to Windows > Options (this will open anotherwindow) In that window go to Options > Social Network > Save Profile (Do this for the RSS as well). TheSocial Bookmark will keep all of the accounts you create and will randomly select one, but you can stillsave this if you’d like.


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