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Using SENuke with Proxies

You can use your own password-protected (or without password) proxies with SEnuke, the procedure is
1. Tell SEnuke not to touch IE proxy settings(When you open up SEnuke go to Windows > Options
>Switch Screen > Proxy)
2. Set up the proxy in Internet Explorer without the password (To enable you proxy open up Internet
Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Connections Tab >Click LAN Settings then insert your proxy
3. Navigate to http://proxyusername:proxypassword@google.com in the niche research browser in
SEnuke (skip this step if your proxy isn't password protected).
SEnuke is now using your proxy! To check if your proxy is working visit www.whatismyip.com in the
SEnuke niche research browser. If it shows your proxy IP address you’re good to go.
*note – There is no way to automatically change your proxy you will have to go into Internet Explorer
and change it each time*


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