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10 Adobe Air Blogger Must Have


Last month we showed you some of the more popular and useful Adobe AIR applications (see "6 Adobe AIR Apps to Check Out"), but there are so many great Adobe AIR applications currently available, it would be a shame to stop at just those six. As we delved through he Adobe AIR directory, what became apparent to us is that there are a lot of AIR applications that will appeal to our fellow bloggers. So many, in fact, that it was worth putting together a list of our favorites. Here are the top ten AIR app that bloggers will love:

Tumbleweed: The Tumbleweed AIR application is a desktop application for posting to your Tumblr blog. With this app, you can quickly post text, photos, videos, links, audio, and chats from your desktop to your Tumblr blog, without ever having to open a web browser.

Flickr Flipper: Looking for an image to go with your post? The Flickr Flipper app lets you browse through Flickr for photos. You can also search for photos from a specific user by typing username: followed by a Flickr user's username.

Digg RSS Reader: Did your post just hit front page? You'll know right away with the Digg RSS Reader. You can keep tabs on all the top stories, or filter them by choosing to view only the News, Videos, or Images. Clicking the links will open the Digg story in your web browser so you can vote for your favorites.

FotoBooth: Ustreamers will like FotoBooth, an AIR app that lets you use your computer's webcam to snap pictures of yourself, add filters or distort them, and then upload them to Flickr with just one click.

Websnapshot and WebKut: Let's call it two for the price of one: Websnapshot lets you quickly take snapshots of a web site by entering in the URL or dragging-and-dropping it from your browser to the app. You can specify whether you want a thumbnail, a browser-sized pic, or a full page snapshot. An auto-save feature lets you save the pictures to the location of your choosing. Webkut goes a step further - you can enter the URL or you can Google for it right within the AIR application, a nice time-saving feature.

Color Browser: Get inspired to re-design your blog! With the Color Browser app, you can create and organize your favorite color palettes. If you're a blog designer, this is a must-have app.

Joomedit: Are you using the open source content management system from Joomla? Then you need Joomedit, a desktop editor that lets you edit, upload, and publish to your Joomla CMS.

SHIFD: Doing research? The SHIFD desktop app lets you save notes, places, and links from the web into the SHIFD AIR application. This content is then available on any device with internet access - whether your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone.

Apprise: The Apprise application is a sample AIR app, which means you can download the source code too. Apprise is an online/offline RSS reader which features importing and exporting of feeds, search, and support for RSS and ATOM.

We would add Google Analytics to this list, but it was covered in our previous post (and besides, isn't everyone running it by now, anyway?). We would have also loved to include AirPress, but sadly, this desktop blogging AIR app has not been kept up-to-date.

An honorable mention goes out to Userplane Desktop, a brandable Adobe AIR app for bloggers in the big leagues. This white label solution can keep your users informed as to your site's news, keeping them engaged even when they're not on the web site itself.



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