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Keyword Elite, SEO Tools with Screenshot

Keyword Elite 2.0.18

Keyword Elite 2.0 is the new version of Brad Callen’s keyword research tool. In a nutshell it’s a tool that gives you a good look over the keyword data when you’re looking to SEO your site or run a PPC Campaign.

Through the years, however, Keyword Elite got quite obsolete and constantly evolving Google’s keyword tools have caught up making it pretty much redundant. So it’s no wonder that Keyword Elite 2.0 is released.

It was improved and has many new features. It now covers not only the basic keywords research, it introduces Adwords spy, content network and placement research tools, etc. Looks like Brad Callen and co. have not been wasting time.

It’s all cool but do you need a tool like that? You’ll see a lot of hype around this release and people telling you can’t live without this tool. But the matter of fact is, you only need it as long as you really need it.

Answer yourself, if how you do keyword research can be improved and how. Do you do keyword research at all? You get the drift.


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