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SEO Traffic Thief

Search Engine Optimization Traffic Thieves Contains All the Features You Need To Succeed!

Finding the Best Content - To write articles that get thousands of hits per month, you need to find the articles viewed above.Search Engine Optimization Traffic Thieves make it easy, enter your seed keyword and click search!

Beware Keyword Analysis - Search Engine Optimization Traffic Thieves check keyword combinations and show how many times they feature in the article and the title.

Ranked Keyword - This is where Search Engine Optimization Traffic Thieves are very valuable. After I check the keywords with a single click you can check keyword ranking for Google, Yahoo and Bing. You'll soon see how this article is getting traffic.

Estimated Traffic and Density of Search - Search Engine Optimization Traffic Thieves monthly returns Google search for the keywords along with traffic estimates to be in four top spots in Google results.

Create a Word List Filters - You can add / remove words that you do not want to check. It is easy to add to (just right click on each keyword to add it to the filter list).

Article Content Extraction - Essential for your research, and the rewrite is to have a copy of the text of the article ranked high.Search Engine Optimization Traffic Thieves automatically extract to your article. You can save and reopen each article.

Data Export - Save the keyword data to open later in MS Office, MS Works or Open Office.

Complete Multitasking - Select an article to analyze, and let the software do the rest

Spinner Includes Powerful - powerful spinner including a user built (and ever expanding database of synonyms). Perform automatic or manual changes. Make changes based on your replacement is commonly used, or the whole user database synonyms.


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