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Backlink Blaster | PHPDug – bookmarking software

Backlink Blaster | PHPDug – bookmarking software

Guide———- Profile Creation
1. Open the executable file (no setup required)

2. First you’ll need to signup in various PHPDug powered websites so get a list of “PHPDug sites”

3. Goto Your profile tab and enter username, password and email

4. Goto PHPDug tab->Right click->Import
Select a text file which contains the urls

5. Click Create Profile button and the software will automatically create acounts

6. The status column shows either “Success” or “Failed” which has obvious meaning.

7. If you have checked “Auto Export Successful Signups” then the software will automatically save the urls on which the account was successfully created. It creates a file named “phpdugsites.txt” in the application folder. New urls will be automatically appended to the list so that you have only working urls.

Guide———- Bookmarking
1. Goto Your profile tab, enter your site details

2. Goto PHPDug tab->Richt Click->Import
Select a file which contains the urls or (“phpdugsites.txt” file see above)

3. Click Start Bookmark

4. Watch


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