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Deep Linker Pro

Deep Linker Pro

Introducing Deep Linker Pro! “DLP” The only TRULY Automated Web Directory Submitter!

“DLP” is a desktop application that I personally had developed with my own strict specifications as a Successful Internet Marketer who has been making a living online for over 5 years!

This very special tool is truly like no other and it is constantly evolving. We are constantly adding new features, evaluating the current directories in the list and adding new directories, accepting user feedback and implementing that feedback.

ALL UPDATES ARE FREE to all paying customers!

That’s right, unlike most greedy software companies, we don’t charge you again when there are new updates. You’ve already paid for it, so you shouldn’t have to pay for updates!

And features… try to find a directory submitter on the market today with the following features. Go ahead, look You know what you’ll find? DeepLinkerPro.com because there are no others!

TRULY Automated Submission Process – Fill in your site details, select a submission list and click a button. It’s THAT easy! Other directory submitters require you to go through each and every site, one by one.

DEEP Link Friendly – We don’t know of any other directory submitter on the market, free or paid, that has a custom list of directories that accept links to internal pages of your website! With DLP you can add your own internal pages and submit them to that special list that is constantly growing!

SMART directory Lists – Since we are always adding new sites to the list and removing inactive sites, we created “submission lists” so you can take full advantage of all future additions to the directories in our list.

So let’s say you submitted xyz.com to all of the directories in our list, but a week later we added more sites. With other submitters, if you wanted to submit to those new sites, you would have to submit xyz.com to the list again, which means you would have to submit your site twice to the sites that were in the list already. Now you risk having your link removed on those initial sites.

With our SMART directory lists, this is not an issue. All new directories are added in separate submission lists, so once we add the new list and give it to you, FREE of charge, you just select your URL (which it remembers) and that new submission list, click “Submit” and you’re done! NO duplicate submissions!

SMART Category placement – Other directory submitters submit your site to categories that aren’t relevant to your site’s niche. We have an advanced, internal algorithm that chooses the most accurate category to your site.

Site Profile Database – When we add new submission lists with new directories, you don’t want to have to add each and every site to the software AGAIN, like other submitters require you to do. With DLP once a site is added, it stays!

Manual Submission for Extra Links – Most of the sites in our lists can be submitted to automatically, with the click of a button. But if you’re like me and you want EVERY link you can get, we offer a manual submission option, that makes submitting to directories that have “captcha” very quick and easy.

EXTREMELY User Friendly – As you can see in the video above, submitting your site to hundreds, eventually thousands, of directories is as easy as entering your site details, choosing a submission list and clicking “Start Submission.”


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