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Play after take part in the sellout crowd of Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo got louder and louder and louder....The thrash talk forwarded to us Dallas fans was great and something must claim that although they are excited about their Bills the fans were very respectful of the fact that we had different team colors...Congratulation Buffalo!

Let's forget about the fact that the Dallas Cowboys work best team inside the NFL along with the Best team to the NFL...Actually lets not:

Monday night attracted the biggest cable TV viewing audience of 2007, beating out Disney's High School Musical 2. The city of Buffalo was alive and proved very worthy as getting the second best fans in the NFL. The way they cheered their 1-3 team was absolutely unbelievable.

How bout them Cowboys!!!!

Dallas Cowboys Apparel have got to attend the Monday Night Football game in Buffalo this week and boy exactly what a treat it was...

"I felt good. I helped they win," he said. "I could care less if I kicked zero more field goals other year."

On an incredibly nice October night in Buffalo, Dallas Cowboys Apparel team witnessed probably one of the most important emotional roller coasters in NFL history. Although Tony Romo, Terrell Owens as well as the Dallas Cowboys special teams all had off nights (except needless to say for our kicker), the Cowboys stuck together as a team and located a way to win a real mark of a Championship team.

The Cowboys, the only real undefeated team inside conference, have every reason to get both thrilled about Monday's victory and concerned that the similar performance from the Patriots will result in their first loss.

The unflappable Tony Romo overcame five interceptions along with a lost fumble to steer two last-minute drives, and rookie Nick Folk kicked a 53-yard field goal as time expired, giving the Dallas Cowboys probably one of the most satisfying wins for all those Cowboys fans in the history of this great franchise.

"I have not been around anything that way, which is 31 years I've been within the league," Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said of his triumphant come back to Buffalo, where he was 29-19 from 1998-2000.



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