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How to drive stronger blog traffic to your site
BloggerTipsPro.com daily blog traffic
It has been a full year since I launched BloggerTipsPro.com as my Blogger help site after my initial strategy in January 2012 was first developed. I've been using Blogger since 2005 and have come to really enjoy the flexibility of the platform for various types of blogs.

I know that many prefer Wordpress over Blogger but I still think having Google host my platform with more open customization vs. using custom hosting is an easier option.

That said, the blog traffic results for this site after one year are astounding! This being the 21st post in one year seems quite small overall - in fact, that is only averaging about 1.8 posts a month.  Yet, this blog is dominating Google results for many keyword phrases surrounding Blogger customization.

Increasing blog traffic significantly every day
Blog traffic increasing 50% every month
Let's take a look at the numbers - since January 2012 the number of visitors has increased about 50% per month to a total of 35,000 visitors. As you can see the vertical growth is very fast nowreaching about 400 visits a day or 12,000 visits a month. As of today - January 13th - I have 4778 visits. The peak traffic in December is about 8500 visits. You can see my current daily traffic at the top of this post hovering at about 300-400 visits a day - these are great numbers!

One thing I would like to point out about blog traffic is that I did no back linking strategy to this site other than having a hosted planning site that pointed to this blog as I built it and then a few social media sites - Twitter.com, Stumbleupon.com and Last.fm. Twitter was my only active links back - whereas Stumbleupon and Last.fm were just accounts that had profile links. I use Stumbleuopn and Last.fm to sporadically update my Twitter feed to keep it active.

What does this really mean to you? This truly means that you only needrelevant content to drive higher search results with stronger blog traffic - and that Google will reward you for many search phrases if you target your posts. If you subscribe to my email list above, I'll give you deeper insight on how I approached this blog and how you can do the same for your blogspot traffic results.


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