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Google integrates Google+ comments from Blogger

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A new option in Blogger.com allows for enhanced integration of Google+ into the Blogger service from Google. Thus, it is now possible that comments from Google+ appear on Blogger and vice versa. But first you have to link his blog with Google+.

With the new integration now also comments that are made on Google+ appear on the blog. Logically, this also happens the other way around.


"Your blog readers now have the opportunity to publish their comments for all or only for their circles on Google+. When reading the readers can also specify whether you only the newest or just want to see people from their circles all comments. 
general rule is that you and your readers can each see only the comments that have received authorization. This not only a more targeted sharing content and comments allows but also potentially generate more traffic to your blog, "writes Google.

The function can be activated in Google+ on the blogger dashboard. Just look at it, you can see for example in Blogger Buzz . It remains to be seen when and if Google will offer this feature for other website.


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