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Google Translate for Android Offline

Have you ever been standing in a strange city in a foreign country, wishing I knew how to say "I am lost!" Or "I have a seafood allergy" yet? Internet services and online tools such as Google Translate can help right away - but what to do if you have no internet connection? Today we officially launched software Google Translate for Android  (version 2.3 or higher), helped translate 50 different languages, from English and French to Vietnamese and Arabic.

You can select [Offline Languages] in the category of software to see the language packs are available for download. 2 To select the language translated back and forth just select them from this list and download.After that, you can translate as you like. Although this offline software services, less powerful version online, it is very convenient for language translation while traveling without internet connection. Discover new languages, new cultures without internet connection again. The whole wide world is waiting for you out there.


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