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Kate Middleton Naked?


By marriage to a British prince who will be 2 days longer (29-4), about what it perceived by Kate Middleton?

At this tense moment, fiancé Prince William is reported to have the nights that is quite heavy with bad dreams.

A unique, nightmares experienced by this Kate adequately represent the tension and nervousness ahead of happy days. The reason, she dreamed of standing at the altar to marry Prince William, while naked!

"Kate was in the tense final minutes, and just wants her wedding day arrives. This is not surprising to see the stage that will be stepped on by the public eye throughout the world have viewed it. But the suspense comes in a way that is interesting. The nightmare that never endured over the years emerged again, "said a source close to Kate, told Splashnews.com.

What a nightmare huh? "He dreamed of being in the assembly (wedding guest) and suddenly realized that he was naked. Then the situation suddenly became silent. Everyone, from the Queen to Prince Philip looked at him,"said the source.

Fortunately, the candidate's daughter was still able to control the feelings and joked with the dream of experiencing. "She was kidding, the worst part is he did not know which part should be covered,” said the source.


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