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health benefits that can be obtained if successfully achieve orgasm

Can achieve an orgasm (sexual climax) was not only makes a person feel satisfied, because there are a number of health benefits that can be obtained if successfully achieve orgasm.
Various studies in the field of sexual health carried out by a number of scientists have shown that orgasm can provide considerable benefits for health, for both men and women.
In men, orgasm can be achieved by stimulating the genitals are either done by myself (masturbation) or with the help of a partner. The easiest way to achieve it is through penetration.
While the women can experience two kinds of orgasm as quoted from Lifemojo, Friday (1/7/2011), namely:1. Clitoral orgasm, the sexual organ of a small one where women get the maximum sexual pleasure. The clitoris will swell during any sexual activity and passion in the blood vessels in the vicinity will also be enlarged. Orgasm is achieved by stimulating the area called the clitoral orgasm.
2. Vaginal orgasm, the orgasm is achieved when the vagina and cervix are stimulated. In some cases achieved orgasm through vaginal stimulation can be more intense than the clitoris.
Orgasm for health benefits, namely:
1. Reduce tensionDuring intercourse, the body will increase blood flow and heart rate significantly and muscle tension will be reduced. When we reach orgasm then the whole body will be relaxed and tension that exist in the nervous system will be reduced.
2. Eliminate aches and painsPain in the body and also headaches can be eliminated through an orgasm, because the body releases endorphins during sex. This hormone is similar to morphine that can increase the body's tolerance to pain.
3. Burn caloriesNot only sex can burn calories, because orgasm also burns calories in the body and helps reduce the desire to eat. During orgasm the body will excrete phenetylamine which plays an important role in managing one's tastes, so the desire to eat less and burn calories.
4. Getting more sleep soundlyOrgasm usually has a calming effect that helps calm the body and make sleep more soundly. Muscles throughout the body to relax and blood pressure decreased after orgasm.
5. Keep skin cleanDuring sex to achieve orgasm, the body will sweat to help remove any impurities and toxins from the body. These conditions help to keep skin clean and bright.


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