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Aninating Game Characters in Maya 2011 by Digital-tutors

Animating Game Characters in Maya 2011


Animating Game Characters in Maya 2011
English | 2011 | ISO | eLearning | 575MB

In this collection of lessons we will learn about a wide variety of useful techniques for animating game characters.

In this course, we will animate a character for a game in Maya. We will explain workflow techniques that will help us to not only save time with our animations, but at the same time capture a fitting and entertaining personality through the gestures of our character that an audience will enjoy. By the end of this course, you will learn animation techniques that can be applied to any character you may animate in the future.

Lesson Outline (21 lessons)

1. Introduction and project overview
2. Setting up the scene for the idle animation
3. Animating the upperbody
4. Adding movement to the right foot
5. Working on the left arm
6. Finishing our work on the left arm
7. Animating the right arm
8. Adding animation to the chest
9. Animating the head
10. Finalizing the idle
11. Preparing the scene for the attack animation
12. Starting on the biker's attack animation
13. Animating the seond pass of the extremes
14. The third pass of the extremes
15. Wrapping up the extremes
16. Adding break-down poses
17. The first refinement pass: tweaking the upper body
18. The second refinement pass: fine-tuning the right foot
19. The third refinement pass: editing the f-curves
20. Finalizing the third refinement pass
21. Finishing the biker's attack


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