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Master Lu Superior Joints

Master Lu Superior Joints

Master Lu Superior Joints
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Genre: Video Training

Once you have experienced the benefits of The Five Elements Breathing Method (Here) - you are ready for the next step!As health conscious individuals, we do cardio, we stretch, we lift weights, swim, play soccer, tennis, football. We do all we can to stimulate and grow our muscles. BUT, when do we ever work out or joints?Master Lu's Superior Joints is designed for just that!This is the most intense workout possible to strengthen your joints more effectively than any form of martial arts. Yet, you won't have to break a sweat.BACKGROUND Superior Joints is based on Master Lu's studies of one of the most powerful warrior gods in Chinese Mythology. It was an exercise that contributed to his fundamental martial arts ability. Although the original method required training from sunrise to sunset - Master Lu was able to refine this exercise to make it easy for most of us non-martial artists!
Now even the most uncoordinated person can experience the benefits of martial arts without having to give up their profession. Past students have actually claimed to experience the unique benefits of this exercise in less than 3 days!

*In order to experience the maximum benefits of Lift Up, it is STRONGLY recommended that you complete Step 1: The Five Elements Breathing Method, before starting Step 2: Superior Joints.

Master Lu Superior Joints


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