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CG Academy - Intermediate Rigging Set (Vol 1-4)

CG Academy - Intermediate Rigging Set (Vol 1-4)

CG Academy - Intermediate Rigging Set (Vol 1-4)
English| Author : Paul Neale| ISO | 7.49 GB
Genre: Video Training

This four DVD boxed set will take your through a comprehensive tour of state of the art rigging techniques for 3dsmax. This series teaches how to rig and skin every part of the supplied character (an ogre modelled by Paul) and in many cases will show multiple approaches to the same problem, leaving you free to pick the blend that suits your needs. This series has been a smash hit with our customers and is very much a recommended purchase for anyone that has basic rigging under their belts and now wants to push their skills to new levels.
Due to the increasing and wholly necessary levels of scripting in the later DVDs in this series. A highly recommended companion purchase is the MAXScript Fundamentals Series boxed set for those that have very limited or no max script skills.


DVD 1: FK Spine, Leg & Foot Rig
In this DVD Paul will take you through rigging the Ogre's Spine using an FK system in conjunction with wired control objects. He then demonstrates how to create an inverse foot rig using reactor controllers and scripted custom attributes to facilitate a smooth foot-roll system. Finally we learn how to modify the leg bones using expression controllers to create a working leg stretch system.

DVD 2: Spline IK, Arm 7 hand Rig
In this DVD Paul continues his Ogre rig with a second approach to producing a spine rig using a custom Spline IK solution. He then moves on to producing an arm rig that demonstrates two unique methods for an arm bone twist solution. Finally Paul demonstrates how to rig a hand and produce a comprehensive GUI for it using custom attributes and MAXScript.

DVD 3: Skinning Techniques
In this DVD Paul deals with many of the aspects of skinning a character using 3dsmax's Skin modifier. Starting with weighting via envelopes Paul then moves on to build on this foundation with weight painting and blending. Further control is then added via muscle bones, skin deformers and springs for dynamic flexing of the Ogre's stomach.

DVD 4: Facial Rigging Techniques
In this final DVD in Paul Neale's Intermediate Rigging Series , Paul looks at two completely different ways to setup the Ogre's facial animation rig. In the first half of the DVD we look at the eye rigs dilation and directional controls, and then move on to a morph centric system that only uses a bone for jaw movement. In the second half of the DVD we look at a bone based system that allows for very fine an intuitive control over the Ogre's features. A six hour plus DVD, jam packed with insights and a must buy for any budding or professional rigging TD.

Website: http://www.cg-academy.net/es_catalog/product_info.php?products_id=41

CG Academy - Intermediate Rigging Set (Vol 1-4)



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