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Feeder Site Strategies

When creating feeder sites, you will probably want to make one on each site for every keyword phrase you wish to target. 

If you have a list of 20 keyword phrases for your niche, and you will be making feeder sites on 10 different systems, you will be making 200 different pages.

This may take a while, but the effort will be worth it.  When you have 200 individual pages out there pointing to your membership site, it will not only help boost your membership site’s search engine rankings, it will also feed your site plenty of direct traffic.

If only 10% of those 200 pages ends up ranking on the first page of Google, that’s 20 different pages you have ranking on the first page.  All of those pages will be sending your site traffic to your site on an ongoing basis!
Social Bookmarking

With social bookmarking, you can easily generate traffic to your website, by submitting your website URL into social communities like www.StumbleUpon.com or www.Digg.com which allow users to share their favorite sites with other members of the community, as well as post comments regarding the website content.

Here are the top 20 social bookmarking websites for generating fresh back links to your site. All of these contain DO follow, ensuring links leading to your website will count within the search engines as a valid back link:

1 - http://slashdot.org  (PR9)
2 - http://digg.com  (PR8)
3 - http://technorati.com  (PR8)
4- http://www.furl.net  (PR7)
5 - http://www.backflip.com  (PR7)
6 - http://www.hugg.com  (PR7)
7 - http://www.mixx.com  (PR7)
8 - http://ma.gnolia.com  (PR7)
9 - http://www.connotea.org  (PR7)
10 - http://mystuff.ask.com  (PR7)


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