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PPC Marketing

One of the easiest ways to create an automated traffic system is by harnessing the power of pay per click marketplaces, like Google's Adwords.

In case, you are unfamiliar with what PPC entails, here is a brief summary of how it works:

Visit http://www.Google.com  and enter in any keyword phrase you wish, such as 'Acne Solutions'.

The advertisements that appear under the 'Sponsored Listings' on the results page are PPC advertisements, as shown above.

Advertisers can create as many advertising blocks (and campaigns) as they wish and by bidding on keywords, their advertisements will appear within different positions.

When it comes to developing the highest converting PPC campaigns, your keyword research is an important part in ensuring that you are effectively targeting the right keywords based on your niche market. 

These keywords should be highly relevant and speak directly to your potential customer.

Google uses a proprietary system called the Quality Score. 

The QS examines a number of different factors in order to figure out whether the page you are sending traffic to matches the keywords you are bidding for.

In addition, your quality score is determined based on your overall campaigns preformance, so the higher your CTR (click through rate), the lower your cost per click will be.

This means that you need to ensure that you are using highly relevant, targeted keywords within your PPC advertisements.

Quality Score Factors Include:

a    CTR for the keyword and the ad
a    Overall CTR of your entire account
a    The CTR of your display URL
a    The quality of the landing page
a    Relevance of the keywords to the landing page
a    Relevance of the keywords to the ad

You want to make sure your landing page matches the keywords you choose very closely.

When creating your advertisement within your PPC administration panel, you will need to assign specific keywords to each ad block. Start off with 5-10 keywords and gradually add in additional keywords as you begin to see progress with your PPC marketing.

This way, you won't become overwhelmed with trying to monitor and manage exceptionally lengthy keyword phrases and will be able to determine which ones are best performing, and which ones you should remove.

Remember, keep your keywords grouped tightly, use multiple landing pages when necessary, and test and track ads continually, always working to improve your CTR and conversions.

Create your PPC Account at http://www.Google.com/ads


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