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Monitor Website Changes free: Versionista

Versionista is a free Internet-Based app that monitors and tracks all the changes that takes place in the Web-Pages you specify. It records and clearly highlights every change, right from adding a single word to deleting a full-fledged paragraph from the content of the website.

Some regular readers to your website do come to know about the modifications done as they happen. However, ascertaining exactly what has been modified can be a challenging job, even for the extremely devoted fans of your websites. And of course, the idea of proclaiming readers that your website has been updated is considerably at a great distance. Hence, to overcome such issue, initially websites came up with the idea of containing a date in the footer that clearly said,”This page was last updated on. . . . .” But that signal went in vain because of couple of basic problems such as inaccurate dates and no highlighting to revised part of the content.

Versionista comes up with eliminating such inherent issues. It lets you visualize, not only the exact changes on the website, but also the edits done to the content or articles. The page shows a comparison between the earlier and new content by highlighting what has been added and removed. To track a website or monitor a website, you just need to add the URL of the website or websites that you are interested in. However, the free version lets you keep a regular check on up to 4 URL Web-pages.


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