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Share Folders Using Facebook: FileFly

FileFly is a free Facebook app that enables you to share folders privately with some of your selected Facebook friends or with your entire list. So far, Facebook has granted you to share photos and videos with friends. With FileFly, you can quickly drag and drop files to share with a group of friends privately on Facebook. Once you have succeeded in the folder-sharing process, you can have access to your entire Facebook network, along with the folders you have shared.

Using FileFly, you can directly share a folder with the concerned person or a group. It eliminates the efforts of digging out everybody’s email address and sending them. 

Here is how to work with FileFly :

  • Go onto the link below
  • Sign-in to your Facebook Account
  • Click on “USE FILEFLY”
  • Click on “New Folder”
  • Click on “Add Files” in order to upload files
  • Click on “Invite Friends”

There you are. You have successfully shared a folder with all your selected friends. You can take a look at an image below in order to get familiar with it:


However, if you want to share the same folder with more friends, just click on “Click Here to share with your friends”.

FileFly allows you to upload and store files up to 2 GB. You can also choose to send wall post notifications to friends you have shared your folders with. They can also comment on your folder. However, one thing I did not like about FileFly is there is no option to write a message while sending an invitation. It would be really great if one can add a message with the invitation. Sending just the app might be disregarded as spam. Moreover, the folder expires in 30 days.

Nevertheless, it is still a good app as FileFly offers to share files and folders quickly without composing an email and digging out everyone’s email address. Go ahead, give it a try and make your sharing folder a quicker task..afterall its free!!


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