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RSS to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn: Dlvr.It

Dlvr.It is a free service that can automatically post content of RSS feed to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Google Buzz, and more. It keeps checking your RSS feed for new items, and as soon as it finds some, it will post them to your social networks. You can control the time at which you want the posts to go live, you get real time user analytics on items shared on social networks, and control which posts should be automatically posted to social networks.

And to top it all, Dlvr.It is completely free, does not requires any installation on your computer or your blog, and can be setup in just  a few minutes. This is the best service I have come across to automatically send new posts to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Google Buzz, and more; and this is like a godsend for bloggers. So, if you are searching for RSS to Twitter, or RSS to Facebook, or RSS to MySpace; your search ends with Dlvr.It.



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