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  1. The greatest weakens of most humans is their hesitancy to tell others how much they love them while they are
  2. sometimes life's not fair,because even when sliding down a rainbow, you can still get a splinter
  3. i've got moves you’ve never seen
  4. If you're stuck between two options, flip a coin. It works, not because it solves your problem but while the coin is in the air, you'll know what your heart is really hoping for
  5. When ever i have a problem i just sing, then i realize my voice is worse than my problem =)
  6. hates when reality interferes with me fantasy world.Watch your thoughts consciously; they become words.Watch your words consciously; they become actions.Watch your actions consciously; they become habits.Watch your habits consciously; they become character.Watch your character consciously; it becomes you. there is only one word or one action could change a lot !!!
  7. I'm proud of my heart. It's been played, broken, fucked up, and burned... but somehow it still works.
  8. Haters = (H)aving (A)nger (T)owards (E)veryone (R)eaching (S)uccess.
  9. Life is too short... smile while you still have teeth..!!! ;) good morning 
  10. We live in the age where pizza gets to your house faster then an ambulance.


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