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the most popular of text emoticons used

:-) Happy and smiling
:-( Frown or sad
:)) Big smile 
:'( Crying 
|-O Yawning or snoring
:D Laughter 
:-D Laughing at you
;-) Wink, often used to express sarcasm 
B-) Smile from person wearing sunglasses 
:-> Biting sarcasm 
8-) Goofy smile or someone wearing glasses
:-p Sticking out tongue
:-* Kiss 
:-x Lips are sealed
:-o Shocked or surprised, Uh oh! 
:-O Very shocked or yelling 
:-& Tongue tied, don't know what to say 
:-x Speechless 
:-$ Confused emoticon
Stiff neck? That's right - these emoticons require you to tilt your head or turn your screen vertically. The Japanese have got it sorted. They created kaomoji, which can be read from left to right:
d^_^b Listening to music
(`_^) Wink
(<_>) Sad
(^_^) Smiley
(^o^) Singing or laughing
(;_;) Crying
(@_@) Confused


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