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Just Joking Status

Collection of some cool status Jokes which you can publish to your facebook..
Happy dreams
"Your future depends on your
dreams"... so go to sleep!
Hard Work
"Hard work never killed
anybody"... so why to take the
Being Married
The wise never marry.. and when
they marry they become
I was born intelligent.. the
education ruined me!
The Fact
My Reality Check bounced.
Aim for the stars. But first, aim
for their bodyguards.
It's better to let someone think
you are an Idiot than to open
your mouth and prove it.
Sweet Tooth
I've seen better teeth on a worn
out gear box.
Turkey VS Chicken
Q: What did the turkey say to
the chicken?
A: Gobble gobble
The Postman
I wanted to send u something
nice that would make u smile
but the postman told me to get
out of the mailbox!


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