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Ten Best Tablet PC and Netbook for Kids

When it comes to learning, kids nowadays has the easy access in technology unlike other generations. Add it up the wonders of computer joint in as an educational tool of learning. Wonder no more, since we are living in the days of modern technology there are a lot of portable and most of all affordable Tablet PC that is designed for kids.

Of course, many Tablet PC brands in the market that offers interesting features that is similar to a regular PC gadget though it is much handy and can place anywhere. It provides fun and educational games, kids can do research as well that can be very ideal for anyone not just for kids as well.

1. Disney Netpal by Asus

Just right in time, Asus and Disney have teamed up to bring the magic of creative learning and fun into a perfect first laptop for your child. Well for one it is a netbook designed for kids. But again, words on the streets say that this netbook would have either an SSD or a HDD options. It is easy to use for kids from 6 to 12 years of age with intuitive Disney Desktop.
Disney Netpal by ASUS: 8.9 inch LCD Solid State Drive Technology Windows XP HomeTheir desktops with more than 10 customizable themes inspired by popular characters from Disney and Disney·Pixar including Cars, Club Penguin, Disney Classic Characters, Disney Fairies, Disney Princesses, Vintage Mickey Mouse, Toy Story and WALL-E.

2. Mirus Educational School Tablet Netbook

Mirus Educational School Tablet Notebook comes with true enhance performance in a touch screen 8.9 inch notebook, 1 GB memory and 60 GB Hard Drive. It operates in XP Home.

3. Vtech Touch Tablet Advanced

Touch Tablet Advanced is a perfect learning tool for your kids. It features 120 activities to kick start your brain, Foreign Language Development: Recording function enhances Spanish learning. Language Development: Teaches vocabulary, grammar, spelling, science, history, and geography. Basic Math Skills: Enhances basic math skills, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Problem Solving: Enhances logic skills, strategic thinking and creativity. Cognitive Development: Develops computer operation skills. It is PC connected for computer uploads.

4. Classmate 2goPC

The 2go classmate PCs are a complete,customizable hardware and software solution featuring "real PC" performance and simplified wireless connectivity. These ultra-compact, easy-to-carry laptops are child-friendly and stand up to rugged conditions. With durable, drop-proof construction, a sturdy plastic case, and water-resistant keyboard, they can go just about anywhere and be used safely by just about anyone.

5. Vtech Touch Tablet PC

If your kids loves to play games, they definitely love this Vtech Touch Tablet. It is a portable tablet and a laptop computer in one introduces school-related subject matter, and even music and art through fun games that recognize a child's skill level and adapts. Requires 4 "AA" batteries (included). Measures 11.4"L x 9.5" W x 1.6"H.

6. HP Compact Tablet PC

If you favor traditional computer methods, you can use the unit's flip-open keyboard. If you prefer working with a stylus, you can write and store information and sketch pictures in much the same way you would with a notepad and pen. Exceedingly versatile, incredibly compact and noticeably more capable than its less expensive sibling, the TC1000T, the TC1100 Tablet PC is an excellent choice for those who prioritize portability and ease of use.

7. Toshiba Portege Tablet

The Portege M200 is a great fit for those who are handier with a pen than a keyboard and value a truly petite profile. The unit is most at home when used to enter, store and share notes and concepts that might otherwise be entered in handwritten format.

8. Apple Ipad Tablet

A large, high-resolution LED-backlit IPS display. An incredibly responsive Multi-Touch screen. And an amazingly powerful Apple-designed chip. All in a design that's thin and light enough to take anywhere. iPad isn't just the best device of its kind. It's a whole new kind of device.

9. Viliv S7 PRE-H Tablet

The Viliv S7 strikes the productive blend of usability and portability. At 799g, it's so small and light that you can conveniently hand-carry anywhere and S7 gives you full Windows XP(TM) on-the-go. Battery Life: The S7 has a run-time of 7h doing nonstop video playback at 80% brightness, and 9.5 hours under ideal conditions.

10. One Laptop Per Child XO-1

The OLP XO-1 is an inexpensive sub-notebook intended to be distributed to children in developing countries all around the world. It is developed by the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) non-profit, and manufactured by Quanta Computer.


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