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Magic Traffic Bot

Since AdWords destroyed all chances of a fair listing on search engines, more and more people are paying for traffic. It’s too expensive, but google make their $Billions all the same.


Nobody likes to lose money right?


That’s why now, webmasters constantly check their webstats. They want to see who is referring visitors to their website. They are curious as to who is linking to them and always click the referrer links in their stats pages. They are an untapped market.


Just released is a new program that trawls the internet and creates a CLICKABLE Referrer Link in a site’s webstats.


Let me explain what this, basically it’s a black hat tool that’s selling for about $30+ dollars. You can do all the SEO optimization you want – but in the end you still need backlinks, backlinks are important. Now say you have a website that’s not all that great, or you don’t have other high PR websites to give you backlinks – well you’d been in a but of a rut since you can’t really get a good ranking on the serps without links.


What this does is known as referrer spamming, it allows you to send fake referrers to various sites that display referrer information as links – so you enter your site url as the referrer and it finds some sites that show referrers (open stats, last refererers/top referrers, etc) and then sends your site as referrer, the result is the page thinks that you’re site is referring people to it and it displays your link prominently – then Google comes around and indexes these site (the good ones have high pr) and you get free backlinks.


A better name should have been backlink bot but I’m guessing that was taken.


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